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Government & Stakeholder Relations​

Willard personnel are experienced professionals, expert in communicating with governments at federal, state and territory level. We advise Australian and international organisations on Australian government policy, legislation and regulation, and we understand government decision making processes. Willard can help craft and implement an effective strategy to achieve your aims. If you have an opportunity, commercial matter or a difficulty that government can help resolve, Willard’s intelligent and effective lobbying services can raise awareness, gather stakeholder support and find solutions to achieve your goals.

Willard Public Affairs is a member of the Australian Professional Government Relations Association, formed to promote ethical, high standards of conduct among practitioners. Willard personnel are committed to its code of conduct.

Public Relations & Media Training​

Designed to support CEOs, executives and professionals in the media spotlight, Willard’s public relations and media training teaches you how to communicate effectively with the media, stakeholders and public, promoting your message and brand. Our media training is tailored around building confidence in public speaking and boosting your public profile. Learn how to respond in media interviews, manage a crisis and protect your reputation.

Key Message Development & Stakeholder Mapping​

Willard are experts in stakeholder analysis and mapping. We work with you to develop messages and strategies that address the concerns of key individuals or groups affected by your business decisions. Whether it’s an issue with project management, conflict resolution or administration processes, we weigh the arguments and goals of all stakeholders to craft a mutual resolution strategy allowing your business to fulfil its aims.

Social Media Engagement & Strategy Development

Willard’s results-driven social media strategies help businesses engage with stakeholders whilst protecting your brand online. Our savvy social team can advise you on appropriate social media etiquette and guidelines as well as using social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram effectively to communicate and grow your audience. We understand how to build and maintain a positive social media presence for your brand, as well as identify opportunities and threats online.

Issues/Crisis Management & Training

Willard’s experienced crisis management team works with you to develop real solutions in times of corporate emergency. We are experienced in building effective messages for the community, as well as managing industrial relations and media enquiries. Our crisis management offers training ideal for Human Resources, Public Relations and rapid response teams, and teaches you how to professionally approach issues in a crisis.

Corporate Communication

Willard specialises in developing effective corporate communication strategies. We can help you build and implement successful corporate communication campaigns that promote corporate identity, as well as source, maintain and grow positive relationships with investors, stakeholders, the media and the community. Our corporate communication strategies are founded in real-world experience and can be tailored for all situations and messages.

Marketing Communication

Willard understands that the right corporate message to the market can build brand loyalty, awareness and revenue. Our marketing communicators are experts at delivering tailor-made marketing communication strategies that effectively connect your message with an Australian or international audience. Our expertise incorporates brand advertising, direct marketing, public relations, sponsorship, sales, events management and online messaging.

Change Management & Internal Communication​

Willard is highly experienced in building internal communication messages around change. Whether it is a corporate downsizing, a rebrand, an acquisition or a merger, we understand the need to maintain employee morale and uphold corporate values as well as maintaining broader stakeholder loyalty during a period of change. Our change management team can help you build an internal message that supports your corporate aims and keeps you on the right road to success.

Corporate Design, Advertising & Branding

Willard provides proven marketing and advertising strategies designed to enhance the awareness of your brand. Our holistic services include developing corporate design, advertising and branding strategies across print media as well as radio, television and online.

Content Curation​​

A picture is worth a thousand words, and visual content is an important tool in today’s communications landscape. Whether it is infographics, video news releases or video case studies, good content can capture a stakeholder’s interest, hold it for longer, and deliver your message more powerfully. Willard’s team have years of experience in broadcast media, working on both sides of the camera, and understand how to make compelling video content that will inspire.

Internal Communications​

Willard is highly experienced at building internal communication messages. Whether you’re going through a corporate downsizing, rebrand, an acquisition or a merger, or need to communicate company initiatives, we understand the need to engage effectively with employees, to uphold morale and corporate values. Our team can help you build internal messages that support your corporate aims, enhances cohesion and keeps you on the right road to success.

Event Management & Product Launches

Whether it is a corporate conference, exhibition or product launch, Willard understands how to promote your brand with the right message. Experts in both events management and event co-ordination, our professional team know how to put on a show and will work with you to target the right audience, as well as liaise with suppliers and venues. Our compelling event concepts are valued for creating brand loyalty as well as consumer and investor interest.